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Wireless devices are becoming increasingly universal in all aspects of our lives and business. With advancements in mobile technology like 5G and emerging IoT/IIoT applications, wireless will continue to explode and connect an ever-growing number of devices.

The Kajeet team of wireless experts and our industry- and device-agnostic solution help your business digitally transform and allow you to successfully manage, monitor, and protect all your wireless devices—regardless of your industry, location, or application.


Modern learning happens everywhere – at home, at a friend’s house, even on the road. Connectivity from Kajeet ensures students can access educational content outside of the classroom, allowing them to complete assignments and gain valuable digital skills. Provisioning and managing these devices is easy for administrators.


Telehealth and mobile healthcare delivery are becoming essential to providing quality health care, while IoT technology is improving healthcare operations and optimizing the patient experience. Partnering with Kajeet helps you manage cost-effective, high-performance connectivity across all wireless devices.

Public Safety

Whether connecting residents in need or ensuring reliable first responder communications, IoT-connected governments and municipalities improve public safety. Rely on Kajeet to manage and secure all your wireless devices.


The multi-carrier flexibility, advanced management platform, and API integrations provided by Kajeet mean your projects can be scaled from dozens to millions of devices without compromising network performance or security. Our team of wireless industry veterans can bring any wireless vision to life with exceptional clarity.


Want to keep things moving? Partner with Kajeet. We’ll work with you to ensure your EV charging solution, fleet tracking app, or asset tracking app have access to secure cellular connectivity. Need assistance sourcing the right devices? Kajeet will help you build the next big thing.


From automation control and machine communications, to predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and critical monitoring across vast industrial sites, cellular IIoT gives utility companies and manufacturers optimal operations, production, and distribution. Effectively manage your wireless IIoT devices with Kajeet to drive greater efficiency and improve service.


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