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Wireless Solutions for Telecommunications

When critical infrastructure fails, businesses need a backup connectivity solution.

Trust Our Experts to Maximize Your Wireless Experience

If you need robust, reliable connectivity and secure data and device management, turn to Kajeet. From powering critical communication equipment to delivering private networking capabilities, Kajeet’s managed IoT connectivity solutions give carriers exactly what they need to guarantee the best possible wireless experience for their customers.

Connectivity, Failover, Device Management, and So Much More.

What happens when the excavator outside cuts the buried T1 line? Without wireless failover, here’s what happens: Work stops. Data can be lost. Costs pile up quickly.

With Kajeet bringing connectivity via all major cellular networks, though, you don’t have to worry about unplanned downtime bringing you down.

But aside from connectivity, we also offer so much more to the telecomm industry — like our end-to-end Concierge service that can take you from device procurement to deployment to ongoing support. Or our award-winning Sentinel platform, that provides management, insights, and analytics capabilities for all of your connected devices.

Curious? Watch this video for a brief overview of what Kajeet has to offer.

LTE Failover

Ensure mission-critical business operations run smoothly during disruptions with the Kajeet LTE Failover solution. Unlike other wireless failover providers, Kajeet’s solution is pre-integrated with major US and international wireless networks and provides a best-in-class platform for centralized data and device management.

Download the SmartFailover guide to learn about how to keep your critical-systems running during an outage.

Sentinel® for Network Operators

Manage multiple devices and data with Kajeet’s differentiated cloud-based IoT management platform. Filtering, device and data management, network security, and reporting tools are all included in one convenient portal. Win new customers and open new revenue streams without the heavy burden of onboarding and technical support.