WiFi Solutions for Education

Improve digital inclusion with safe, easy-to-use student WiFi solutions.

Set Your Students Up for Success

For students affected by the homework gap – living without reliable internet at home – providing connectivity does more than just help get homework done. These students also need access to additional learning resources, ELL support tools, dual-enrollment programs, STEM programs, online courses, and virtual mental health services. Not sure how to connect your students to the tools they need to be successful in school and beyond? Kajeet can help.

Find Your Solution

Our team can help you determine which WiFi solution fits your needs the best. Reach out now to get started.

Student Wifi Made Simple

Our WiFi solutions support digital inclusion across the education spectrum, from kindergarten through higher education – and beyond. Find the right solution for your school district, university, or community.

Digital learning is here to stay. Learn more about the future of education.

We provide reliable, safe solutions designed to support student digital equity programs while making it easy for administrators to launch and manage devices and data.

Whether you want to extend your K-12 classrooms with SmartBus™ WiFi, power your university with SmartSpots™ or connect your community through public libraries, Kajeet has a solution that fits your needs.

K-12 Solutions

Close the homework gap with solutions tailor-made for education.

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Higher Education Solutions

Give your digital inclusion initiatives a boost and connect your college and university students.

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Public Libraries

Start a hotspot program for your community or equip your mobile library with WiFi.

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Private Wireless

Kajeet makes it easy to create a secure and streamlined wireless ecosystem by integrating users, machines, sensors, people, and vehicles on a private LTE network.

Kajeet – Funding doesn’t need to be a hurdle to achieving digital equity in your school district or community.