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Industrial IoT Solutions

Power the next wave of the industrial revolution.

Optimize Your Mission

Industrial IoT solutions serve the core needs of the manufacturing sector. By leveraging industrial IoT solutions, all parts of an industrial process can be connected, analyzed, and managed from a single platform. The result? More efficient, cost-effective processes and a higher production quality. 

Build and Scale Your Industrial IoT Application with Kajeet

We work with companies across the industrial sector – utilities, construction, solar and wind power, smart agriculture, field services, and more – to power mission-critical applications that require reliable and secure connectivity and exceptional quality. When you partner with Kajeet you get the necessary devices, network connectivity, and our award-winning cloud-based management platform. You also create new ways to deliver value to your customers, generate new revenue, and transform your business.

  • Optimized Geographic Coverage. Choose the network that best addresses your geographic coverage needs.
  • Secure, Private Data Transmission. Kajeet keeps your data safe from nefarious activity and unapproved access.

  • Increased Productivity. Your devices only carry the data you want.

  • Optimized Data Cost and Control. You control how you use your data to keep costs down.

  • Speed to Market – Our solution can be up and running fast.


Kajeet helps utility companies, waste and water management, and field service companies connect and control their IoT solutions and devices.

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Field Services

Kajeet enables and empowers your mobile workforce to complete the job efficiently with Smart FSM™.

Smart Meters / Monitoring

Get all your measurements anywhere, anytime to keep your operations running smoothly.


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