Kajeet Products

Products that Connect for Good

From startups to school districts to Fortune 500 companies, organizations and businesses connect with Kajeet to help people thrive. Choose from one of our product categories below to let us help you optimize the power of connection.

Sentinel Platform

Connect and control multiple networks across all your devices on one platform. Kajeet’s Sentinel platform allows you to increase security and productivity with application, URL, IP, and website blocking on a private network.

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Networks and Connectivity

Kajeet creates simple, secure, and scalable wireless networks to grow with your business. We ensure remote sites have reliable access to the Internet and keep you connected with wireless backup solutions in place.

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Device and Hardware

We deliver fully activated, provisioned, and kitted devices, making them easy to roll out to your students, staff, or customers.

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Device and Data Management

Our award-winning platform allows you to scale your IoT projects seamlessly without impacting existing connections and easily monitor and manage data usage across millions of devices around the globe.

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Analytics and APIs

Seamless connectivity allows you to automate your business practices. Advanced analytics offers you visibility that optimizes performance.

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With Kajeet, you can unlock the power of proactive protection and centralized threat management.

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