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Kajeet Security

Securely connect and protect your network, applications, and devices.

Connected technology has become a part of our daily lives. Whether it’s an IoT sensor or user device, security risks have increased, and many devices are left exposed to cyber threats and security attacks. To combat this, Kajeet approaches security holistically, enlisting advanced security protocols at the network, application, and individual device levels.

Network Security

Kajeet’s network, and the devices using our network, are protected by several layers of security, including host-based intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, real-time and static code scans for vulnerabilities, and malware protection.

Application Security

Deploy private mobile networks to securely communicate with applications and IoT devices without using public IP addresses.

Endpoint Security

Protect end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from cybersecurity threats.

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