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Kajeet Private Wireless

Private Wireless Simplified.

Kajeet Recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Best Practices New Product Innovation Award

Introducing Kajeet Private Wireless, our next-generation, cloud-based, private 5G and LTE platform. This solution is designed to simplify private wireless, delivering everything needed to easily design, install, and manage a private wireless network.

Many organizations can benefit from implementing a private wireless network. Examples include school districts that need to extend off-campus connectivity for students, to factories that need to allocate additional bandwidth for production lines. Please call us today to discuss your needs. A Kajeet Private Wireless Network may be the ideal solution.

Why Kajeet Private Wireless

  • Fully managed solution

  • Device & equipment agnostic

  • Public & private network capabilities in one solution

  • Over 2 decades of industry experience

  • Nearly 3000 customers trust Kajeet with their connectivity needs

Kajeet’s private network solution utilizes Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), Educational Broadband Service (EBS) and other LTE frequencies.

This solutions allows customers to use Kajeet’s award-winning, cloud-based Sentinel IoT platform for private wireless SIM and device management, content filtering, policy management, analytics insights, reporting, security, integrations, and automation. In addition, customers can combine Kajeet Private Wireless with Kajeet’s public wireless services from all major North American network operators to provide seamless transition between the customer’s private network and public wireless networks.

Kajeet Private Wireless Benefits

  • SIMPLE & FLEXIBLE – A custom private wireless network designed, installed, and managed by Kajeet that meets the unique needs of each organization

  • END-TO-END SOLUTION – Starts with a thorough site inspection leading to a detailed blueprint that includes hardware, software and connectivity. Equipment is ordered, delivered, installed, tested, and optimized before the customer takes ownership. Kajeet can also manage all or part of the network once operational.

  • CLOUD MANAGEMENT & CONTROL – Allows administrators to easily manage SIM, device, and network attributes such as bandwidth allocation and slicing

  • ADVANCED ANALYTICS – The Kajeet Private 5G & LTE Platform leverages analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to proactively manage the network and optimize performance

  • OPEN ECOSYSTEM – Leveraging the Sentinel Platform allows applications and backend systems to tie seamlessly into the private wireless network

  • ENHANCED SUPPORT SERVICE PACKAGES AVAILABLE – 24/7/365 Tier 1 support is available for onsite incident management and network optimization


  • Site Selection
  • RF Modelling & Propagation
  • Radio Selection & Placement
  • Backhaul Plan
  • Site Requirements & Permitting
  • Equipment BOM
  • Proof of Concept


  • Project Management
  • Site Make Ready
  • RAN Equipment Installation
  • Electrical, Ethernet & Fiber Cabling
  • Network Provisioning
  • Testing & Verification
  • Performance Optimization


  • Private Wireless-as-a-Service (WaaS)
  • SIM, RAN, SAS, CORE, Cloud Management
  • 24×7 NOC Monitoring
  • Ticketing Portal
  • Configuration Management
  • Capacity Expansion & Management
  • On-site Repair & Maintenance


Are you looking for information on launching a private network? We can help.