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Kajeet Sentinel Platform

Connect and Manage Any Device

Our award-winning Sentinel platform provides the foundation for secure, efficient, and flexible connectivity with wireless networks, software, and data-driven insights, helping you harness the power of connectivity for good.

With Sentinel, you get multi-carrier support, hyper scalability, real-time alerts, actionable insights, web filtering, and an impenetrable firewall – all in one easy-to-use interface.

See how Sentinel works across
different verticals.


WiFi-enabled school buses, mobile hotspots, and LTE-embedded devices set students up for success.


Telehealth, clinical trials, and remote patient monitoring deliver healthcare services anytime, anywhere and enhance the patient experience.

Telecom and Cable

Our backup connectivity solution keeps mission-critical business operations running smoothly.


EV charging, vehicle WiFi, and fleet and asset tracking keep your business moving forward into the future.

Public Safety

Secure devices, data plans, and SIM cards allow rapid emergency response.


Smart meters and monitoring remotely measure crop and climate conditions, keeping your operations under control.

Enterprise Field Service

Field service management solutions empower mobile workforces to get the job done.

What sets Sentinel apart?

Embedded into Kajeet’s wireless solutions, Sentinel is a patented innovative platform that lets you custom manage multiple networks and accounts across all your wireless devices, while ensuring safe and secure online environment via Kajeet’s innovative web filtering, impenetrable firewall and next-gen malware detection—all in one easy user interface.

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