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Learn how the pandemic has impacted telehealth and medical IoT.

The digital divide's impact in higher education is reaching a breaking point. What are the hurdles and opportunities facing colleges and universities looking to support their students with Internet connectivity?

Healthcare is becoming increasingly interconnected. From telehealth visits to remote patient monitoring, the ways in which we receive and deliver care are transforming.

We surveyed 300 K-12 transportation professionals to learn more about technology on the school bus. View our infographic to see what they had to say.

We surveyed over 900 K-12 professionals across the U.S. to learn more about Chromebook usage in their schools. The results? Chromebooks are still kings of the classroom.

The school bus is changing, welcoming new technologies that bring buses into the 21st century. But which technologies are education transportation professionals focusing on first?

It’s no surprise that tech devices have grown tremendously in the classroom over the past few years. But how are these devices being used? Which devices do schools purchase for their students?

In recent years, school districts across the nation have seen a proliferation of 1:1 programs. Now that educators have had time to adopt and incorporate 1:1 pedagogy into their curriculum, where do these initiatives stand today?

With 26,000,000 student bus riders across the nation, how can we extend the classroom to help them succeed? Kajeet, in conjunction with School Transportation News, conducted an online survey of over 300 school administrators focused on Wi-Fi access on buses. Check out our new infographic below.

Improving student performance in school, which ultimately leads to their success, can be difficult to measure with an ever-increasing number of contributing factors. Technology is by no means the only answer. Technology and connectivity—in and outside of school—are tools enabling students to have the resources they need at their fingertips.