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In this episode, Dominic speaks with Son Dang of Loop (formerly RenewAGE) about the company’s path to success in EV charging solutions. Drawing from his own pain points from his own experience as an EV driver, Son shares how Loop set out to build and deliver a cost-effective, scalable IoT connectivity solution to the EV charging space.

In this episode, Dr. Chen shares with Dominic all about how his PhD work developed into the company that is now VSee, how the VSee team delivers streamlined telehealth experiences to physicians and supports NASA Space Station’s communication system, and how the company’s mission mindset guides their humanitarian work in Ukraine and other high-need areas across the globe.

Are your beverage taps IoT-connected? If not, they should be. In this conversation, Dominic speaks with Ben Maphis, Vice President of Engineering at Sestra Systems, about the company’s journey to meet a gaping need in the market. Listen in as Ben shares his experiences with enabling IoT-connected beverage tap solutions, as well as innovating, scaling growth, and gaining expertise across a variety of steps along the value chain.

In this conversation with Bob Proctor, CEO of Link Labs and a serial entrepreneur, we hear the Link Labs story – from securing angel investors, to the founding of the company in 2014, through those initial years of grinding and finding product market fit, and up to the present day as the company scales its growth and adjusts to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bob’s insights and experiences are instructive, and we know you’ll leave inspired to bring any initiative to life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in healthcare in leaps and bounds. Now more than ever, care managers and healthcare providers are considering what it looks like to care for patients remotely – in a way that is secure, reliable, and accessible to their patients, many of whom are impacted by the digital divide.

In this episode, Dominic speaks with telecom expert Liliane A. Offredo-Zreik, Co-Founder of Sano Health, a Kajeet partner, about her company’s research and development of telehealth tools. Liliane also shares the trends she expects to see in healthcare over the next few years as the industry grapples with care provider burnout and the “home hospital” emerges.

Chuck Martin, New York Times Bestselling author, futurist and columnist, and Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer at Kajeet, join host Dominic Marcellino for a conversation about tech trends, accelerators, and the adoption curve. Bringing their decades of combined experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, Greg, Chuck, and Dominic share their advice for small and mid-sized organizations looking to jump into the wild world of IoT innovation and bring a solution to market in 2022 and beyond. Chock-full of insights and soundbites, this is an episode you won't want to miss.

In this episode, Dominic speaks with Glenn Schatz, Chief Revenue Officer at BlocPower. As longtime colleagues and real-life friends, Dominic and Glenn have a lot to share when it comes to how IoT connectivity can be harnessed for good and the different market segments that have potential to be impacted by advancements in wireless technology. In this conversation, Glenn shares about BlocPower's current work to connect the entire city of Ithaca, New York, and how the company partners with Kajeet to make Internet accessible to all residents - paving the way to a more equitable and connected future.

In this episode, Dominic speaks with Daniel Neal, the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Kajeet. The company was started in 2003 to provide safe cell phones for kids - and now, almost two decades later, Kajeet is serving a vast array of industries with fully managed IoT connectivity solutions. In this conversation, Daniel shares his career and experiences that led him to start Kajeet, as well as his industry perspectives and insights on what's to come in wireless technology and IoT innovation.

About Daniel:
Daniel is the Chairman, CEO & Founder of Kajeet, a mission-driven company he first began dreaming about in 1996. Before launching Kajeet, Daniel served as CEO & Vice Chairman of VCampus Corporation, a public company that pioneered the delivery of e-learning applications and services for students, businesspeople and government workers. Prior to VCampus, Daniel was part of the team that built - and successfully took public - USinternetworking, where he conceived of, launched, and led the AppHost™ business unit. USinternetworking was acquired by AT&T. Daniel previously built international commercial relationships for the delivery of communications technologies and services for Sprint and Global One Communications, Sprint’s joint venture with France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom. Daniel’s early career was in commercial banking, and public service. He has worked extensively in local government, and later served as a senior staff member with the National Performance Review of the office of the Vice President of the United States. Daniel holds an AB in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Daniel has raised over $120 million of investment capital and is a named inventor on 24 U.S. patents. He is active in many business, investment and technology circles, including Vistage and Mindshare. An avid bicyclist, runner and reader, Daniel most enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, whose names are incorporated in the word “Kajeet.”

About Dominic:
Dominic Marcellino is the director of strategy and business development at Kajeet. In this role, Dominic is responsible for expanding and strengthening Kajeet’s partnerships with system integrators, device manufacturers and solution providers, leading strategy for product and sales teams and refining customer experience. An expert in product, business development and sales with extensive expertise in bringing low-power IoT applications to market, Dominic’s strategic guidance strengthens Kajeet’s market position as a premier mobile virtual network operator for global enterprises.

About Kajeet:
Kajeet is a managed IoT connectivity provider working to enable connections for good. Founded in 2003, the company provides optimized IoT connectivity, software and hardware solutions that deliver safe, reliable, and controlled internet connectivity to nearly 3,000 businesses, schools and districts, state and local governments, and IoT solution providers. Kajeet is the only managed IoT connectivity services provider in the industry to offer a scalable IoT management platform, Sentinel®, that includes complete visibility into real-time data usage, policy control management, custom content filters for added security and multi-network flexibility. Whether to enable digital access that ensures student success, empower companies to connect and control devices in the field, or offer support and a platform to launch a complex mobile solution, Kajeet is trusted by many to make powerful and flexible wireless solutions easy. Kajeet is available for hybrid and multi-network access across all major North American wireless networks, globally in 168 other countries, and on multiple licensed and unlicensed networks. Kajeet holds 39 U.S. patents in mobile technologies.